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poetry month shenanigans

read this poem:

An Ode for Ben Jonson

Ah, Ben!
Say how, or when
Shall we, thy guests,
Meet at those lyric feasts
Made at the Sun,
The Dog, the Triple Tun
Where we such clusters had,
As made us nobly wild, not mad;
And yet each verse of thine
Out-did the meat, out-did the frolic wine.

My Ben!
Or come again,
Or send to us
Thy wit's great overplus;
But teach us yet
Wisely to husband it,
Lest we that talent spend;
And having once brought to an end
That precious stock, the store
Of such a wit the world should have no more.

now, read the same poem to the tune of this/a>

ok. it's not a "perfect" fit. but it does = hilarity.
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open question.

well, to anyone who has ever heard my music either performed or otherwise...

what kind of music do i play? this was asked of me by someone recently and i am still, a couple of days later, stumped as to an answer. i feel like i should have one, though at the same time, i also feel like i need to really carefully think it out. or i don't.

so any ideas? i could just list the more obvious influences, followed by the words "in a blender," but i HATE doing that (i also hate the whole "so and so, crossed with so and so" schtick, at least when describing myself).
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Zombie-Robot Gustave Eiffel

i just felt like using that as a subject line...

(seriously though, if you haven't and are into graphic novels to any degree, check out "the umbrella academy" by gerard way. i didn't expect to like it as much as i did, especially since he's the singer for my chemical romance, a band i can seriously do without... but it is truly amazing, the above subject line just being the start... the first volume, apocalypse suite, is out as a graphic novel now so... yeah....)
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And everyone's got a buy and they talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk


been a few days without the computer because my macbook decided to give me the dreaded "3 beeps at startup" issue. took it to apple store today where they fixed it quickly (well, once they got to me) and sent me on my merry way without charging me a cent. good times.

sunday was the day i got to see two of the first people i ever met in college (i met will first, actually, though i'm pretty sure it wasn't much longer before i met rohini) get married. i also got to see people from college i haven't seen in a while, which was also nice but not the centerpiece of the day (neither was the delicious food, though it certainly is worth mentioning). it was just a beautiful day all around.

afterwards, annie and i took a nap for a few hours and then got a quick and relatively unsatisfying evening meal.

saturday was rainy and work was lame. i did get to hang out and play with ann's niece a little. (cutest. baby.) we caught up on the rest of the office...

tomorrow. work. ann's birthday thing... after that, i want this week to just be over and get to the weekend so it can then be with next week (with the craft mafia/film festival thing in the middle on sunday, and then for that week to speed along to thursday when we go to the all tomorrows parties festival in new york for that weekend.
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cheap beer!

say it ain't so:

(from's "the United States of cheap beer."

Brand: National Bohemian

AKA: Natty Boh

Hometown: Baltimore

Found in: Pennsylvania to Virginia

Distinguishing characteristics: Natty Boh's mascot, a cartooned gent with a bushy stache and one eye and a top hat, has become a civic icon in Baltimore. It's a matter of local pride to love the beer as much as the mascot, or try to, despite a taste as skanky as one of John Waters' early films.

Vital signs: National Bohemian hasn't been brewed in Baltimore in decades. Yet another Pabst brand.

granted, i find natty boh to be possibly the most disgusting beer i have ever attempted to drink (just being edged out by corona light and pittsburgh's similarly "no longer local" local beer Iron City, but this just seems really sad to me... call it my vestiges of baltimore pride or whatever... how can it no longer be brewed here? very sad...

granted, i'm a beer snob anyway, so i shouldn't begrudge people that like the boh